We are a dealer in supplying dietary or nutritional supplements by giving brief and apt information about the products that are available. The dietary supplements are completely of natural composition and these include herbal ingredients which are of no side effects to our body. These products are of best quality and are beneficial to the users in different health issues.

Logos, trademarks and pictures that are available on the website are the personal proprietorship of their owners. The users are not authorized to use them without the prior permission of the owners. They are the personal belongings of the company which is dealing in these products. One can copy them only and only when they take permission from the brand or the logo owner.

Besides that, the information that is being provided on our website is completely authentic and correct. We are not authorized to take any extra charges for providing you these nutritional supplements. The company is fully authorized to lodge a complaint against you if you continue to use their logos. The products that are shown on our website are recommended by the professionals of that field and are completely of genuine composition.

The company has complete authorization over the policy change according to its needs and requirements. We are providing all the information regarding any future change in the products to our valued customers through emails. We provide them with all the information that is related to it.

Points to remember:

The customers are not being forced to shop for the dietary supplements that are available on our website. These supplements are of natural and organic composition and are free from any side effects. The customer can sort out his/her different health issues with the recommendation of doctors and with the help of our supplements in a natural way, without going for any surgeries or painful processes. In case, if the user suffers any problem, he/she should discontinue the use of this product immediately. We are updating our revered users from time to time about the composition of our products which is completely free from any artificial agents and it is not going to harm them any anyway in future. Our products are completely free from any kind of side effects. Still, we commend you consulting a health profession before starting the use of this product. Sometimes a user may have some other health issue and as a result he may get affected severely by the use of our product. So always, for a safer side, you should consult your doctor before using any dietary supplement.

The consumer must always check the logos and the packaging before receiving the product. If you find any kind of deficiencies or loose packaging, then as a valued customer of ours, you have full right to verify the details regarding its packaging and labeling of the product you ordered. In that case, you can directly contact the manufacturer without taking any help from the distributor.

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