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Optimal Portability in Heating Solutions

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Perfect for Compact Spaces: Ultra Heater Pro 400W Plug-and-Play Heater

Dedicated to excellence in small appliances, we are committed to creating outstanding products that seamlessly blend convenience and elevated experiences for our discerning customers. Ultra Heater Pro Sales proudly introduces meticulously engineered offerings designed to simplify your daily routines. Our design philosophy is rooted in consumer insights and extensive research, resulting in solutions that address your everyday needs.

Immerse yourself in instant warmth with the Ultra Heater Pro Handy Heater! Simply plug in and power up this compact marvel, expertly crafted for your convenience. With the ability to heat up to 250 square feet of space, this powerful ceramic heater proves versatile in various settings, from garages and bedrooms to bathrooms and beyond.

Secure and Suitable Heating Solution for the Whole Family

Indulge in warm and cozy nights with complete peace of mind courtesy of Ultra Heater Pro. Boasting advanced safety features, this heater offers secure heating for the entire family. The ceramic plate is securely encased within the device, eliminating any exposed heating elements. Its carefully designed body prevents burns and ensures effortless portability. The heater is also equipped with overheat protection and a timer option, guaranteeing automatic shutdown when it reaches the temperature limit or as per your preset timer.

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Ideal for Every Space in Your Home

Cut down on winter heating costs by efficiently warming the specific room you’re occupying with this tower space heater. Lower the thermostat setting in unused areas to avoid unnecessary heating expenses. With its portability, you can effortlessly move this heater from one room to another.

Enhance Bedroom Comfort to the Fullest

Elevate the comfort in your bedroom by utilizing the 400W heater as a supplementary heat source, fostering a tranquil night’s sleep.



Revitalize Your Living Space with its Heating Capabilities

Harness the versatility of the 400W heater by integrating it as a living room or home heater. Its portable and compact design facilitates easy movement throughout your house, ensuring you can enjoy warmth wherever you need it.


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John D.


“I recently purchased the Ultra Heater Pro for my living room, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. Not only does it heat up the space quickly, but it’s also sleek and stylish. Easy control makes it super convenient to adjust the temperature. I highly recommend the Ultra Heater Pro to anyone looking for an efficient and attractive heating solution.”

Sarah M.


“I absolutely love the Ultra Heater Pro! I use it in my baby’s nursery, and the safety features, including tip-over protection and cool-touch exterior, give me peace of mind. It warms the room gently, creating a cozy atmosphere that helps my baby sleep better. The compact design is a space-saver, and I would recommend this heater to any parents out there.”

Linda K.


“The Ultra Heater Pro is a reliable addition to my home during the colder months. It heats up my bedroom in no time and has multiple heat settings, which I find very useful. The energy-saving feature is a big plus, and I’ve noticed a reduction in my heating bills. My only wish is that it had a timer function, but overall, it’s a solid product.”

David H.


“I can’t believe how quiet the Ultra Heater Pro is! I use it in my home office, and it doesn’t disrupt my work or concentration at all. The adjustable thermostat and oscillating feature distribute heat evenly, keeping my workspace comfortable. Plus, it’s compact and easy to move around. I’m thrilled with this purchase.”

Emily P.


“The Ultra Heater Pro does a decent job of heating up my small apartment. It’s compact and fits nicely in my living room.”

Need Answers? Check Out Our Frequently Asked Questions

The Ultra Heater Pro operates using advanced ceramic heating technology. Once plugged in and powered on, it efficiently heats the surrounding air, providing warmth for your designated space.

It  is designed for smaller to medium-sized spaces, efficiently heating areas up to 250 square feet. For larger rooms, we recommend placing multiple units strategically.

Safety is a top priority. It features an enclosed ceramic plate, eliminating exposed heating elements. It also includes overheat protection and a timer option for automatic shut-off, ensuring a secure heating experience.

Absolutely! The Ultra Heater Pro is designed for portability. Its compact size and lightweight build make it easy to move from one room to another, providing warmth wherever needed.

Yes, it does. By efficiently warming the specific room you’re occupying, you can lower the thermostat setting in unused areas, minimizing unnecessary heating expenses.

This heater is designed for quiet operation, ensuring minimal disruption. It won’t disturb your peace while providing optimal warmth.

Certainly! heater’s 400W heater is ideal for supplementary heating in the bedroom, promoting a comfortable and peaceful night’s sleep.

Yes, it comes with a 2 year warranty. Please refer to the warranty documentation for specific details and terms.

Yes, replacement parts are available. Please contact our customer support for assistance in obtaining the specific parts you may need.

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